Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

We do not require a Non-Disclosure Agreement to complete an order. Your CAD design is uploaded onto our secure and encrypted site and protected by our confidentiality regulations. However we do offer two levels of NDA should you wish it, you can simply select the option of coverage you would like. 

What is the quality of your parts?

Inspection and QA are imperative to our operation, and our customers receive the highest quality parts available. Our expert engineers resolve problems and ensure quality standards are met.  Haizol’s quality assurance team determine the requirements for the manufactured parts. We have an effective streamlined system, which can increase the efficiency of manufacturing operations, reduce re-work, and lower after-sale cost for customers

What industries uses our services?

Our industries include automotive, aerospace, consumer, machinery and tools, engineering and design, semiconductor, and more.

Why use Qingdao products?

We have clear advantages to using our service versus traditional sourcing. Our parts are manufactured directly from the customer’s submitted design, which lowers the risk of errors. Whether that be our CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and injection molding services. Manufacturing time and cost is reduced by our proprietary software which automates toolpath generation.